Career Management & Advice

Career Management & Advice

Optima Placement’s primary aspiration for young people is not only the securement of a job but also the commencement of careers that are responsive to the concept of lifelong learning and open to new opportunities as they emerge. We are with a methodology, framework, and resources to support the progression and development of specific candidates experiencing various obstacles that impede their job search and career development and management.

Trust Building

People influence each other throughout all their life. The essence of the consultant’s work is in the process of trying to change the attitude of the candidates, which in most cases seems to define or redefine his /her behaviour in a certain direction. Part of the problems disadvantaged young people have is connected to the lack of abilities for overcoming their own negative attitudes towards life-circumstances they have collapsed in (lack of positive thinking). Thus, the behaviour of denial, inactivity, and helplessness (justified by the absence of any hope at all and in the concrete situation) is established, as well as many life failures (as troubles in getting a job, in educational progression, etc.). The core of these negative attitudes is constructed of low self-esteem, minority complexes and fear of the successive disappointments.

Self Esteem

During their rather short than long term experience young people acquire divergent knowledge, abilities and attitudes. However, they may not value or identify these skills, much less see them as relevant to future career Management. It is the task of the consultant to bring these attitudes to the surface of the candidates’ conscience. Thus he/she will not only realize the importance of these skills regarding his/her career development but will also be motivated to further develop them. At the same time, he/she will feel much more self-confidence and stability.

Goal Setting

Skills development and the acquisition of knowledge are part of the lifelong learning process. Most of us have acquired, often unknowingly to ourselves, a variety of skills and attitudes that have a currency in the world of work. In addition to public services/supports, people and in particular young people may be unaware of the circle of social contacts around them e.g. family, friends, relations, teachers, youth and community workers, etc. who may have the knowledge, resources, and contacts that may support their career development. Appreciation of our preferences, skills, and access to resources/supports are the key to setting realistic and attainable goals

Taking Action

The current module should concentrate on an attempt to assess the experience accumulated in the previous modules. You should generalize what has been achieved by now. After presenting the Candidates with the peculiarities of the working process and making the choice we already have the first steps towards the desired career. Once the pathway is realized and analyzed, the Candidates will be able to build up a clear vision of the necessary strategy to be implemented with respect to the carrying out the real job search preceded or not by specific training.

Getting A Job & Keeping It

Many times young unemployed people find it very hard to start integrating into society. The condition of unemployment leads them into social, cultural and economic exclusion and it is usually very hard to flee from the vicious cycle created by such situations. Between trying to set goals and preferences and getting a job there is a big gap which many people find very hard to bridge. Trying to get an actual job is hard work and requires a big portion of self-esteem and confidence. It transforms a person from being unemployed to an active participant of modern society

Managing Yourself

Getting a job means changing lifestyle in many ways. It means new expenses, new incomes, and new challenges, at home and at the workplace. It is important to be careful in all stages of this change. It will mean having to try to cope with new schedules, stressful situations and balancing private life and professional career. This module will try to prepare the candidates to be aware of the changing going on in their life, it will also show them how to manage and control them.

Career planning progression

The Candidates should not limit him/herself to only one job provided that it does not satisfy him/ her completely. It is dangerous to reconcile to something that does not meet one’s requirements and expectations. That is why the candidates should be given the advice to look for an alternative whenever s/he feels that his/her current position does not correspond to his/her aptitudes and capacities, strongly contradicts to the initial agreements or violates his/her rights, etc. All these cases require a prompt and adequate reaction in order to avoid further deterioration of the situation. After all reasonable attempts for reconciliation have proven to be in vain, the only alternative is to encourage the Candidates to embark on a new job searching campaign.

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