Career Success Depends on Your Willingness to Learn

One of the major qualities that employers look for in candidates while hiring them apart from their current skills is their ability to learn is their willingness to learn. In career advancement research, it has been found in a study conducted by Robert Half, a global staffing company, that 84% of the HRs reported having said that their companies were welcoming recruits whose skills can be molded and developed through training. Also, another 62% of employees who were surveyed reported they had been specifically hired into jobs they didn’t have qualifications for or didn’t match exactly with the set of skills they possessed. It is therefore well understood that a person’s ability to change and adapt to new skills and responsibilities is one of the major factors for career advancement.

Here are three points that will prove your willingness to learn while opting for a career:

Ask questions in an interview: It is important to remember that an interview is a two-way process, unlike the idea we usually have. While you have to be confident about answering the questions asked it is also important to ask a few questions to the panel too. This proves you are interested in learning more and more invested in the opportunity. Ask about the job, what the position entails, and how does the company helps new recruits to develop skills.

Learning about new technology: Employers value candidates who are up to date with technology, especially in the tech industry. With ever-changing designs and working programs, one who is up to date with the new tech, they have an increased chance of sustainability in that career.

Share your examples of self-teaching: It is not enough to master a lot of different skills but keep them in darkness. Share a few stories about how you garnered those skills, where you learned that difficult code, self-taught or otherwise. Use your interview to the fullest extent without being an overbearing element. Make your employers believe that you are willing to learn more.

Even as students our willingness to learn was what got us through all the way into achieving the best possible results. The job market works in the same parallel of thought and the willingness to learn is an important attribute for anybody to have for successful career advancement.

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