Optima placement Provides Human Resource Management Services in cost-effective and management-focused solutions. Our expertise includes HR strategy development, leadership training, recruiting support, and policy & procedure development and implementation.

We at Optima Placement have been providing HR consulting services in PAN India & United Arab Emirates. Every one of our team members is certified professionals in Human Resource Management. When you call us, you’ll get personally greeted by name, and you can count on us to be your down to Earth, go-to HR experts.

The key to HRM training is the fact that we tailor each session to you. No matter who you are or what business you’re in, everyone who attends one of our sessions walks away with powerful, proven tactics and resources they’ll be able to use forever. While with us, you will be introduced to new concepts and methods that will benefit your entire organization. Depending on your unique needs, we can run 1-2 hour in-house training sessions, design a customized retreat, or setup ongoing coaching and mentoring seminars to last throughout the year.

We offer realistic training that you’ll use throughout your entire career and help you sustainably build your business so it grows with the times. Review our most popular training seminars below.

Here are some 10 top tips that help you to make effective recruitment and selection
1.     Keep it personal
2.     Focus on candidates
3.     Learn Business Methods
4.     Use people around you to get information
5.     Always try to make a positive impression
6.     Establish a strong synergy from the first meeting
7.     Be respectful
8.     Be fully informed about the role
9.     Verify every information mentioned in the candidate’s CV
10.  Learn from the Past Experience or Call