Social Distancing: How To Stay Productive While Working From Home

With the global pandemic, Government leaders have implemented social distancing. Businesses and schools have taken upon themselves to temporarily shut down offices and encourage online classes.

Having a remote working setup can both be a blessing and a problem. For one, you don’t have to rush out to the office and then spend hours on the road just to get back home. Anything that you need to do can be done in the comfort of your home. But also, working from home means that you’ll be incredibly comfortable and that there will be a lot of distractions around you. In this article, we listed out several tips on staying focused and being productive while you’re working from home. 

Get out of Bed and Change out of your PJ’s

Working from home will result in you feeling less than enthusiastic about doing any kind of work. Instead of giving in and staying in bed, push yourself out of there, change your sleepwear, take shower and have a dedicated working space in your home and get ready for the day.

Set your Schedule

Once you’ve set your schedule, it’s time to do your daily routine at work. Have a to-do list to track all your works. Make sure you prioritized all your urgent tasks.

Practice Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel Skills

Once you have finished your 8 hours work and you still have spare time you can go to YouTube and watch video tutorials on how to level up your Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel skills, there are a lot of free tutorials on YouTube that you can practice in your lean time.

Get Online Certification

Learning is a never-ending process. One of the things we can do to be productive while working remotely is to get an online certification that could help us become more competitive in our career. There are a lot of certifications you can take online, there is Google certification, LinkedIn also offers courses and certifications. You can also check out below links for more:

Update your LinkedIn profile and Resume

Sure, it takes so much time and effort to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Since you have that extra time sitting around these days making your LinkedIn and resume stand out does not cost you at all. 

Write a Blog

Put all your passions and ideas into writing an article.Write good content that could educate and give awareness to people especially in these trying times. The Internet is the best way to connect with people so use it wisely.

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