Top Video calling apps to keep us connected during social distancing

Top Video calling apps to keep us connected during social distancing

Working from home? This thrilled us, right? In the first week it rolled out it excites us but until then we realized that something important was missing from the equation the quality time with friends and extended family.Many of us are grateful for video calling apps they make being away from our loved ones significantly less difficult. Haven’t aware of these Video Apps yet? Then you might want to find an app that’s perfect for you.

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen tons of photos of your friends’ Zoom sessions all over social media by now! One of the most popular videos calling apps for conference calls and remote classes, Zoom is an easy favorite for online Friends hangouts.

All you need to do is start a call, then send a link or conference code to your friends (assuming they also have the app, of course). The free version can host meetings with up to 100 users, and can display up to 49 people at the same time, depending on your device. The fun virtual backgrounds, beauty filters, and HD quality are great bonuses, too! Zoom party, anyone?

Skype Business
One of the very first videos calling apps to be invented, Skype can accommodate video calls with up to 50 people and can display a maximum of five video feeds at once. If you happen to be in a call with a group of more than five, then the most active speakers will be the ones visible on the screen.

Google Hangouts
Another one of the under-the-radar video calling apps on this list, all you’ll need is a Gmail account — and well, don’t most of us have our own already? If you happen to prefer making video calls from your computer, then all you’ll need to do is access Google Hangouts via the Gmail sidebar. It’s as simple as that!

Not satisfied with your average video calling apps? Houseparty is perfect for anyone looking for more fun and interactive features.

Once you sign up, you can instantly add friends from Facebook or your phonebook and start a call (or in this case, a house party). You’ll also be able to see if your friends have any active house parties, and you can quickly join in with a simple tap. House parties are limited to eight people, and anyone can join in provided that there’s enough room available.

it is the most known video calling app in the UAE if you are Etisalat or Du subscriber you just need to apply for a subscription to have access to Botim, It is very easy to use even though you are not that Techy person you can download the App in App store or Google play store. You can call your friends even if they are not subscribed to Etisalat or Du as long as they have downloaded Botim in their mobile phones.

Totok isn’t simply your run-of-the-mill video calling app, It is one of the better video calling app in the market plus it is free no need for a subscription to any telecom company as long as you downloaded the App you can make calls to your friends and family inside or outside the UAE.

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