Visual Resume

In this competitive world, many of recruiters don’t want to see plain text resume, they want extraordinary thing that give visual impact on resume. This kind of visual resume are more effect full than text resumes. It can easily help employer to find the highlights of your skills and experiences.

The question is what is “Visual Resume”? What is the different between Text Resume and Visual Resume. A simple answer is – Visual Resume is document which explains you power skills, strength, and experience. It has images, graphs and less of text.  As long as you grow in your career, you will get lot of good experiences, you will learn a lot, you will get achievement which you wants to show attractively to the employers when you have being in interviewed.

In a such scenario, you need a proper guidelines to create a visual resume which are clearly visible to the HR. At Optima Placement, we provide you visual resume services that will be of course in your budget, because we want to generate a long term relationship with our customers.

Our visual resume writing services are for

  • Fresher Candidate
  • Experienced Candidates
  • Juniors
  • Seniors
  • Mid-level executives
  • Sales & Marketing or any kind of job profile

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